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Eileenskids custom crib bedding sets
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About Us

Its just me, Eileen of eileenskids. Just like any artist, I take pride in my work, and pleasure to work with great fabrics.


My name is Eileen, and I've been doing interior decorating for years. I learned my craft the old fashioned way, from my german grandmother, and a italian immigrant woman-great friend of the family.

Of course after learning to knit, paint, and draw, sewing really peaked my interest. I can't go into a fabric or trimming store with plenty of new ideas..and the colors and fabrics are truly amazing.


why settle for what you see in the big box stores. How and where are these made?

I don't know about most people, but I just love knowing who made my item, made one at a time, and not mass produced..but that just me!

available only on ebay

click for eileenskids ebay store for more sets and examples of my work!